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Friday, June 21, 2013

Let's Go to the Pool {Baby Style}

As a mom I have loved discovering the automatic connection I have with other moms that can often bloom into friendships. Meeting Ashley was just like that but even better because our connections cross about 10 times over. We live just a couple streets away from each other. We go to the same church. We both used the same midwives practice and did I mention our daughters were born within 2 weeks of each other? 
We met while each taking our respective baby girl on a walk. And now we enjoy planning walks around our neighborhood together which invariably we get rained out of on a regular basis, ha! 

The other week Ashley and Olive invited us to the YMCA pool after morning naps. And off we went, babies coated in sunscreen and peeping out from under their sunhats. Caroline was not a fan of the water.  I can't blame her, it had just rained so the water was cold. It was good to have some mommy time together. And as we played by the baby pool (okay mostly Ashley and I just talked and the babies sat in our laps) I noticed a few little girls in their tutu style swimsuits and water wings splashing about and I realized that before I know it Caroline will be one of those little girls. Running off to splash in the water instead of sitting on my lap. My heart shed a little tear thinking of my baby no longer being a baby. But I also got excited at the precious, precocious little girl I know she'll be. 

Photo collage courtesy of Ashley.


Aileen said...

Those photos are so cute! Pool days are so fun!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing to have friends who you can relate to!

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