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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Caroline at 8 Months

Caroline, you are 8 months old today!

You've been growing and changing so much and this month you've started feeding yourself. It's been such fun to watch you chase little pieces of food around your high chair tray and triumphantly pop them in your little mouth. Which also brings me to some big news...your very first tooth! 

Your favorite foods are avocado and sweet potato puree mixed together, whole milk yogurt, banana, beans, super food greens puffs, and bread with hummus. 

You've become very good at sitting up and enjoy standing (with assistance of course) too. But you're not the least bit interested in crawling or staying on your tummy longer than it takes you to flip back onto your back. 

You love having play dates with other baby friends. And I especially love it because since you don't have any siblings it's up to me to be entertaining all day and sometimes I need a break, so letting you play with your little friends is wonderful (plus I get to catch up with other mommies!)

You still have to have your WubbaNub to go to sleep and you absolutely love it. Sometimes when I check in on you you're stroking your little kitty WubbaNub in your sleep. 

You usually take 2 naps (one morning, one afternoon). You're sleeping through the night (hallelujah!) going to bed sometime during the 8 o'clock hour time frame and waking up around 5 for a bottle, then back to sleep for just a bit more. 

Your favorite things to play with are the small stuffed giraffe, your Sophie giraffe (noticing a pattern anyone?), and boxes, Daddy's sunglasses, and food wrappers. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother buying toys because 95% of the time you'd rather play with a non-toy than your toys. 

Though I miss the days when you were cuddly and content just to snuggle with me. I enjoy even more each new stage as your little personality comes out. 


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