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Friday, July 26, 2013

Picking (and eating) Flowers

Around here Daddy and Caroline like to do special things for Mommy. Things such as the occasional Daddy wakes up before the break of dawn when baby is ready to rise and entertains her so Mommy can sleep in, or combining creative forces to make a card. And some evenings, when we've just gone on a family walk and Mommy heads inside to wash bottles and put away dishes Daddy and Caroline linger to pick Mommy a flower.

And sometimes try to eat it too.

Not to worry. She didn't actually ingest any flower, just got quite close. Though I may have had to remove a lone petal from the tip of her tongue. 

We also enjoy attempting to eat paper napkins, junk mail, and Luna Bar wrappers around here. I say attempt because before I realized what she was doing one day after fetching the mail, she had actually bitten off and chewed a decent corner of a hospital bill. Caroline's way of making a statement to bite back at medical expenses? Well, at least she got a little extra fiber. 


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