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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bald Head Island 2013 Part II

If you missed it you can read Part I of our first vacation as a family here

After lunch we hung out a bit more at The Shoal's Club before heading back to the beach house for naptime. This is one of my favorite parts of the island...this porch area of Shaol's Club looking over the beach. It's like paradise! 

And speaking of snoozing this was our next to last morning...we were so tired from Caroline waking up extra early that we just let her eat her morning toast while watching a little toddler TV, which we never usually let her do (we don't have a TV at home). She loved it, which makes me glad we don't have a TV at home. That's one battle I won't have to fight with her when as she gets older...TV time. 

We had to keep Caroline busy around the island, so she drove us on a few adventures....
We visited the nature reserve and saw the alligator. I promise it was a lot bigger in person (about 8 feet) and I wasn't in love with the idea about being that close to a wild alligator in its habitat. But at the same time it was a unique and revering experience to be so close to undisturbed nature. Mike was a huge fan of the alligator preserve. 

We did a little more hanging out at The Shoal's Club. I got 20 minutes of mommy time in the fitness room while Mike attempted to keep the little bit entertained and busy...not an easy task! It felt so good to work out...I haven't hit the gym since before I was pregnant with Caroline...that's a year and a half!

We waited out a shower on The Shaol's Club porch...

Caroline did a lot of this: from happy and smiley to bored in 30 seconds flat. Just gearing up for toddlerhood...uh-oh. 

Caroline LOVED the nonstop Daddy time!  

Caroline had a fabulous time with Daddy on the porch swing our very last day on the island. Makes me wish we had a porch swing or hammock for her to enjoy at home. 

And I forgot to include this on my first post...but here's Caroline's first golf ride as she waved to the island. We'll just finish up the Bald Head Island vacation posts with this video and call it a good bye wave to Bald Head Island family vacation 2013...

We were grateful for the family time together, especially since Mike's work schedule keeps him busy. And Bald Head Island is such a beautiful and secluded place. I hope we'll get to go back again next year...but we'll just have to see and keep our fingers crossed. 


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