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Monday, September 2, 2013

Because a Video Montage Kicks a Hallmark Card's Booty

The other day Mike and I celebrated five years since our story began. Remembering back to that first fall we were dating is one of the sweetest memories I hold. The past year our holidays and anniversaries have been on the very crummy side due to sicknesses and hospital stays and such. So Mike went the extra mile and instead of getting me a card put together a little something more...

But as I told Mike now there's two problems: 1) he raised the bar and with it my expectations...I'll be wanting more memory filled video montages instead of cards and 2) now I want a Mac too so I can use imovie. Uh-oh. Babe, you might have garnered a little more trouble than you thought.

Songs are:
 Falling in Love by Ben Rector
Dancing in the Minefields by Andrew Peterson


Heather said...

Awesome! You both look so happy. Praising God for your marriage!

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