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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Caroline at 10 Months

Caroline, you are 10 months old!


Crawling. Now that you've figured out crawling you're all over the place.

You love standing up in your crib after your nap. And speaking of naps you've dropped to just 1 nap a day. Whoa baby, that keeps mommy very busy during the day. 

Mimicking whatever silly noises we make in an attempt to make you laugh. The other day I joined you in crawling around on the carpet as we made growling noises. I'm pretty sure playing lions will soon become a favorite game. 

Waving "bye bye", especially to the water in the bathtub when we drain it after your evening bath.

Bananas, or "nana" as you call it. Still a favorite you'll eat a whole banana in one sitting no problem. You also enjoy munching on raisins, cheese, black beans, grilled cheese, homemade pizza, and smoothies.


Pointing out the moon when we're on an evening walk or step out onto the front porch.

Baby lapsit at the library (songs, stories, and games for babies).

Seeing dogs. You're obsessed. And I'm a little concerned once you start talking you'll begin the asking for a puppy. No. No. No. No. I am not cleaning up dog hair all day long.

We love you, Caroline! It is a gift to watch you grow. 


Unknown said...

Dearest Bethany, Thank you for these treasured blog posts....of darling little Caroline Faith! She is growing and changing so fast! Thank you for all the hard work you do every single day to care so lovingly for her. She is one blessed little girl! Can't wait to see you all again! Love you! Oma Donna Jeanne

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