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Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Motherhood State of Mind...

The early months of being a mother are fraught with nerves.

 If I give her a pacifier will we ever be able to break the habit?
Is the swaddle too tight? Can she breath?
Crib? Bassinet? Co-sleeping?
Rock baby to sleep or will that ruin her for self-soothing?

I mean literally the list could go on and on and on and on and on and on. But I don't think my fingers have enough endurance to type the long list of worries that cross a new mom's mind. 

I remember getting to the point where I drove three times as long to a grocery store just to find organic avocados because I was afraid if I gave her conventionally grown avocados the pesticides could be harmful to her developing brain.
oh. my. word.
We have driven ourselves IN SANE. 

But as the journey of motherhood continues and our babies grow there comes a point where we're not quite so worried (though still adequately worried enough thankyouverymuch). We've officially let the are-you-seriously-letting-me-take-this-baby-home-from-the-hospital-I-have-no-idea-what-I'm-doing state of mind and successfully graduated into The Motherhood State of Mind. 

You know you've entered The Motherhood State of Mind  when...

1) You laugh at the days you used to sanitize the baby's pacifier when it fell on the floor outside her crib because now you'll let her eat whatever crumbs have fallen on the kitchen floor. We like to call this "building my child's immunity". 

2) Your car's CD player now boasts a stimulating collection of VeggieTales, Lullabies, and The Little Mermaid. And you have no earthly idea what the rest of society is listening to these days. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star...

3) You change your clothes when you get baby poop on them. But pee, eh why bother changing till the end of the day because no one can see a pee stain like they can a poop stain. 

4) Your jeans are no longer "low rise". Things just...they just aren't tight there anymore.

5) You begin to wonder why on earth you ever carried a purse in your pre-child days. Now you carry a bag stocked with puffs, crackers, sippy cup, paci, toys, diapers, wipes. The only items that could qualify as yours in that bag- your cell phone, wallet, and keys- are really actually toys in last ditch efforts for entertainment when your child begins to melt down in public. We've all been there. 

5) A friend asks you to meet them last minute and you think "Last minute, I have to plan all day like a military siege just to be able to wash my hair before noon." 

6)) Nothing scares you. You've handled the worst of poops...might have even gotten some on your clothes. Again, nothing scares you after that experience.

7) Your skills at blocking out noise are superior. 

8) You don't blink at the word "nipple".

9) You can calculate the cost per diaper across a variety of brands, box and bag sizes, and stores. You know exactly where the cheapest diapers are sold and exactly which ones do and don't let the infamous blow-outs escape.  

10) You talk about yourself in the third person, refer to yourself as "mommy" and your husband as "daddy". You swore up and down you'd never ever do that. Opps. 

Oh, motherhood, how you have changed me. To think I went from wearing stylish pee and poop free clothes, to sanitizing everything that came within a 20 foot radius of the baby like a mad woman, to letting my child eat dropped raisins and Cherrios off the floor. Heck, I've actually been known to encourage her to eat the Cherrios off the floor - if it keeps her busy for 5 minutes so I can finish dinner. 

Welcome to the club, baby. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

11 Months

Caroline, you are 11 Months old!

You love to play with magazines, practice standing up, and playing with the new toys and your favorite teachers at the Y and church nursery.

Your favorite foods are homemade pizza, bananas, grapes, apple slices, sweet potatoes, black beans, bread, and cheese. 

You love playing with your Gramps who carries you around on his shoulders. 

You little vocabulary is expanding with "hi", "bye", "nana" (banana), "mama", "dada" and "bush" (which serves to identify both bushes and trees), and "tanks" (thanks). And you're trying so hard to mimic all our sounds and words but just can't quite get there yet. Soon enough, baby.  

You are a very busy little girl. Crawling all over the places, exploring everything, and standing up as much as you can. 

You like it if we blow on the butterflies on your butterfly mobile in your nursery to make them dance. You ask for us to do this every morning after your bottle by blowing and pointing in the direction of your butterfly mobile. 

You love it when we point out who is who in our family pictures on the mantel and fridge. And get especially excited when we point out "Caroline". 

When you're not in a cloth diaper you were a size 3 disposable and you've just moved up into the 12 month range of clothing. 

You love animals. You get very excited when you spot a doggie while we're out on a walk. And you're very social, intent on waving and saying hello to anyone and everyone we pass at the grocery store. 

We love you, Caroline. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Obsession: Sunflower Seed Butter

I have this tendency where I discover something for the first time and then become borderline obsessed with it. 

Opps. Just did it again.

Am I the only one drooling over the SunButter spread over a graham cracker and sprinkled with raisins and dark chocolate chips?

Hmmm....maybe I am obsessed. 

And no, SunButter didn't give me a dime to say that. I'm just a foodie so what else do I do with nap time but eat food, take pictures of it, then gush about it on my blog?

Wait...that made me sound a little odd, didn't it? Other people take pictures of their food with their DSLR. Right? Right??

Hmmm...maybe I am weird. 

Either way sun flower seed butter is amazing and I can't get enough it. I used to think sunflower seed butter was some weird tasting nut alternative for those who suffered nut allergies (and I use the term suffered because I also have an unhealthy obsession with nuts. Some people pick the M&Ms out of trail mix. I pick the nuts out. Case and point). But my dear friend Ashley who helps me discover all the yummiest foods and recipes got me hooked on sunflower seed butter. 

And I've also got to gush about finally finding whole wheat graham crackers at Target. These were Annie's Honey Graham Crackers. I bought them under the assumption that I'd feed them to Caroline as an on the go snack. But she got maybe one and I ate the rest of the box. Obviously mommy needs to learn to share.

So I've got to ask...what's your favorite nut or nut alternative spread? 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Welcome Home, Daddy!

Mike has been gone for 2 very long weeks doing business in Indonesia, otherwise known as the opposite side of the world. 

Caroline and I kept ourselves occupied best we could.

Caroline's favorite ways to stay busy while Daddy is away:
1) playing lions on the living room floor with Mommy
2) Playing trampoline on the couch with Grandpa. Side note: We bought a second hand sofa for our home for a reason. I thought it was because baby girl would spill things. But in actuality it's because the sofa makes a superior trampoline for a toddling 10 month old.
3) Playing with all the toys and her sweet teachers at the gym nursery when mommy works out- which really looks more like mommy sitting on the bike machine and reading a book than working out. 

Mommy's favorite ways to keep busy while Daddy is away:
1) Using my extra alone time in the evening (fellow introverts unite, whoop whoop!) to read great books such as The Great Gatsby and watch masterpieces like Pride & Prejudice.
2) Redeeming my long over due massage anniversary gift to get a total body break from wild child. And help my aching body. They tell you pregnancy isn't easy on the body, but keeping up with a toddler sure isn't any easier on the body.
3) Taking the easy road for meals and relying on Amy's & Newman's Own Natural freezer meals instead of cooking. Cooking with a toddler underfoot is not for the faint of heart.

What we plan to do now that Daddy is home:
1) Go to Moe's Kids night as a family. A free kids meal is a major plus but all the excitement of the people and other kiddos that will keep C occupied while we enjoy dinner is the real advantage here.
2) Daddy daughter morning jogs in the stroller while Mommy makes breakfast which is planned to be smoothies (Ashley, you've inspired me!). So if anyone out there has recommendations for what you like in smoothies please leave me a comment. I get stuck in smoothie ruts and that's why I stop making them. 
3) A picnic date for Mommy & Daddy while little C has fun with Gramps. 

And in ode to the man in our life we give you Shane & Shane's The One You Need...

Welcome home, Daddy!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sparkly Necklaces & Historical Masterpieces

Watched The Young Victoria and Pride & Prejudice. Ever and always exquisite movies. 
If you have recommendations of other films along these lines, please tell me right away because I'm actually mourning the loss that these movies are over yet again. I generally always feel that way after I finish watching either of these. 

Reading has been a love hate thing for lately. I've read a couple really excellent books this year so far, like 7: An Experimental Revolution. But I've also struggled through trying to read some really awful parenting and baby books. I mean I'm sure they would be great books - if 1) I had nothing else on my mind but my child and wished to obsess about her every behavior and 2) had the perfect child when in actuality I have a high energy mischevous one. That being said I've tossed the awfully boring how-to raise the perfect child manuals aside and renewed my vows to good fiction. 
I reread this. Last time I read it I was in high school and completely did not understand it at all. Clearly I had other priorities as a teenager because now that I've reread it I thought it so well written. I may not have been well read at the time, but at least I was in style with my peers. Sigh

And these little monkeys had some picnic blanket play time over at Olive's house. They had the absolute best time together playing with sparkling necklaces, grabbing at Maggie the dog- poor Maggie Caroline tried to pluck a couple individual pieces of fur from her tail. 

Oh, and though the lower left picture looks as though Caroline is swatting at Olive I promise she wasn't. She was waving and saying hi because that's her new trick. 

These 2 are just sooo incredibly cute together. They get excited when they see each other. Truly first little besties. 

Oh, and below you'll see the magic fun of the sparkly necklaces (Ashley's inventive keep 'em busy it!). I think having a girl is going to be fun as she gets into dress up and princesses and such. I'm a girly girl at heart myself. 

What should I read next or watch next? I desperately look forward to those mommy breaks where I can get lost in a good story (book or film) and need some good ideas.