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Saturday, October 19, 2013

11 Months

Caroline, you are 11 Months old!

You love to play with magazines, practice standing up, and playing with the new toys and your favorite teachers at the Y and church nursery.

Your favorite foods are homemade pizza, bananas, grapes, apple slices, sweet potatoes, black beans, bread, and cheese. 

You love playing with your Gramps who carries you around on his shoulders. 

You little vocabulary is expanding with "hi", "bye", "nana" (banana), "mama", "dada" and "bush" (which serves to identify both bushes and trees), and "tanks" (thanks). And you're trying so hard to mimic all our sounds and words but just can't quite get there yet. Soon enough, baby.  

You are a very busy little girl. Crawling all over the places, exploring everything, and standing up as much as you can. 

You like it if we blow on the butterflies on your butterfly mobile in your nursery to make them dance. You ask for us to do this every morning after your bottle by blowing and pointing in the direction of your butterfly mobile. 

You love it when we point out who is who in our family pictures on the mantel and fridge. And get especially excited when we point out "Caroline". 

When you're not in a cloth diaper you were a size 3 disposable and you've just moved up into the 12 month range of clothing. 

You love animals. You get very excited when you spot a doggie while we're out on a walk. And you're very social, intent on waving and saying hello to anyone and everyone we pass at the grocery store. 

We love you, Caroline. 


Unknown said...

Dearest Bethany, Thank you for doing these wonderful, beautiful blogs that we all enjoy... You have a gift, and you and Mike have been given the gift of a lovely daughter. Thanks for keeping us all up to date with the latest escapades and things she likes! We really, really enjoy this! <3

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