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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Obsession: Sunflower Seed Butter

I have this tendency where I discover something for the first time and then become borderline obsessed with it. 

Opps. Just did it again.

Am I the only one drooling over the SunButter spread over a graham cracker and sprinkled with raisins and dark chocolate chips?

Hmmm....maybe I am obsessed. 

And no, SunButter didn't give me a dime to say that. I'm just a foodie so what else do I do with nap time but eat food, take pictures of it, then gush about it on my blog?

Wait...that made me sound a little odd, didn't it? Other people take pictures of their food with their DSLR. Right? Right??

Hmmm...maybe I am weird. 

Either way sun flower seed butter is amazing and I can't get enough it. I used to think sunflower seed butter was some weird tasting nut alternative for those who suffered nut allergies (and I use the term suffered because I also have an unhealthy obsession with nuts. Some people pick the M&Ms out of trail mix. I pick the nuts out. Case and point). But my dear friend Ashley who helps me discover all the yummiest foods and recipes got me hooked on sunflower seed butter. 

And I've also got to gush about finally finding whole wheat graham crackers at Target. These were Annie's Honey Graham Crackers. I bought them under the assumption that I'd feed them to Caroline as an on the go snack. But she got maybe one and I ate the rest of the box. Obviously mommy needs to learn to share.

So I've got to ask...what's your favorite nut or nut alternative spread? 


Elizabeth, blogging for SunButter said...

So happy you discovered SunButter! (Of course partly because I blog for SunButter and am always looking for new creations, and your graham cracker lineup is a winner.) But as a fellow mom (we have a Caroline, too!) and wannabe foodie, I'm so looking forward to following your gorgeous photos and smile-inducing posts. Take care!

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