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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sparkly Necklaces & Historical Masterpieces

Watched The Young Victoria and Pride & Prejudice. Ever and always exquisite movies. 
If you have recommendations of other films along these lines, please tell me right away because I'm actually mourning the loss that these movies are over yet again. I generally always feel that way after I finish watching either of these. 

Reading has been a love hate thing for lately. I've read a couple really excellent books this year so far, like 7: An Experimental Revolution. But I've also struggled through trying to read some really awful parenting and baby books. I mean I'm sure they would be great books - if 1) I had nothing else on my mind but my child and wished to obsess about her every behavior and 2) had the perfect child when in actuality I have a high energy mischevous one. That being said I've tossed the awfully boring how-to raise the perfect child manuals aside and renewed my vows to good fiction. 
I reread this. Last time I read it I was in high school and completely did not understand it at all. Clearly I had other priorities as a teenager because now that I've reread it I thought it so well written. I may not have been well read at the time, but at least I was in style with my peers. Sigh

And these little monkeys had some picnic blanket play time over at Olive's house. They had the absolute best time together playing with sparkling necklaces, grabbing at Maggie the dog- poor Maggie Caroline tried to pluck a couple individual pieces of fur from her tail. 

Oh, and though the lower left picture looks as though Caroline is swatting at Olive I promise she wasn't. She was waving and saying hi because that's her new trick. 

These 2 are just sooo incredibly cute together. They get excited when they see each other. Truly first little besties. 

Oh, and below you'll see the magic fun of the sparkly necklaces (Ashley's inventive keep 'em busy it!). I think having a girl is going to be fun as she gets into dress up and princesses and such. I'm a girly girl at heart myself. 

What should I read next or watch next? I desperately look forward to those mommy breaks where I can get lost in a good story (book or film) and need some good ideas. 


Unknown said...

The movie Little Women with Susan Sarandon is my all time favorite I used to watch with my mom!!

Unknown said...

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