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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Welcome Home, Daddy!

Mike has been gone for 2 very long weeks doing business in Indonesia, otherwise known as the opposite side of the world. 

Caroline and I kept ourselves occupied best we could.

Caroline's favorite ways to stay busy while Daddy is away:
1) playing lions on the living room floor with Mommy
2) Playing trampoline on the couch with Grandpa. Side note: We bought a second hand sofa for our home for a reason. I thought it was because baby girl would spill things. But in actuality it's because the sofa makes a superior trampoline for a toddling 10 month old.
3) Playing with all the toys and her sweet teachers at the gym nursery when mommy works out- which really looks more like mommy sitting on the bike machine and reading a book than working out. 

Mommy's favorite ways to keep busy while Daddy is away:
1) Using my extra alone time in the evening (fellow introverts unite, whoop whoop!) to read great books such as The Great Gatsby and watch masterpieces like Pride & Prejudice.
2) Redeeming my long over due massage anniversary gift to get a total body break from wild child. And help my aching body. They tell you pregnancy isn't easy on the body, but keeping up with a toddler sure isn't any easier on the body.
3) Taking the easy road for meals and relying on Amy's & Newman's Own Natural freezer meals instead of cooking. Cooking with a toddler underfoot is not for the faint of heart.

What we plan to do now that Daddy is home:
1) Go to Moe's Kids night as a family. A free kids meal is a major plus but all the excitement of the people and other kiddos that will keep C occupied while we enjoy dinner is the real advantage here.
2) Daddy daughter morning jogs in the stroller while Mommy makes breakfast which is planned to be smoothies (Ashley, you've inspired me!). So if anyone out there has recommendations for what you like in smoothies please leave me a comment. I get stuck in smoothie ruts and that's why I stop making them. 
3) A picnic date for Mommy & Daddy while little C has fun with Gramps. 

And in ode to the man in our life we give you Shane & Shane's The One You Need...

Welcome home, Daddy!


Rebecca said...

So happy he's home!

Unknown said...

What a great post and such great pictures. My husband has been working some nights lately and I use the time in the evenings for reading and blogging too!

Unknown said...

Whenever I need cheering up, Bethany, I click on your blog, reading "the latest" or else just whatever I want to...I never fail to laugh out loud, giggle, or just plain be BLESSED by what you write. You are a gifted writer, artist, photographer, and of course, since the subject matter is of mutual delight to us as well....Thank you, Bethany, for doing this blog. It blesses those who read it, "watch" it!! :) Oma/Donna Jeanne

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