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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Urban Inspired Family Portraits

Ashley is one of my good mommy friends. We met by chance while both out on walks with out littles who just happen to be 10 days apart in age. It's been a gift to have a mommy friend who lives just down the road.  There's nothing like having another mother who's going through the same stages at the same time to understand you almost better than yourself! And when she asked me to take their family portraits I couldn't have been more delighted. Friends & photography & Durham...3 things I love? Yes, please! 

Here's a look at a few of my favorites from the family portrait session...

They chose the American Tobacco Campus in the heart of Downtown for an urban inspired backdrop.

Thanks, Ashley for asking me to take your family photos! I could not have had more fun with them!

I felt so blessed to have the opportunity to photograph my sweet friend and her family. There's something truly special about getting the chance to capture images and memories for a dear friend. 

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All images copyright of Bethany Schneider Photography. Do not use without permission.  But feel free to pin directly from this blogpost. Many thanks! 


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Wow! These are great!

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