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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day From Our Little Nugget of Love

Here's a Very Happy Valentine's Day wish from our little nugget of love. Our nugget of love who doesn't have any idea what Valentine's Day is. Our nugget of love who has had a very rough week thanks to molars. Ah, nothing as lovely as one of the biggest snows I have seen in North Carolina in years to lock me and my very cranky teething toddler inside for days.  I am so kidding. It was rough. I may have had a mommy melt down. Okay, maybe I had several. And large amounts of stress eating involving chocolate may have occurred while my nugget of love refused to nap during the day or sleep at night.

Well, let me just say it's a good thing I got a few good Valentine's themed photos of my little one before those nasty molars got to business...


Happy Valentine's Day! 


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