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Monday, March 24, 2014

Breakfast With Daddy

Doesn't matter what's on her highchair tray, this girl wants to eat what Daddy is eating and eat at the table with him. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dress Up

Tiny Girlfriend loves her accessories. I don't know where she gets it because these mommy days I'm lucky if I've got a clean pair of sweats on. 

My girlie girl has inspired me. Maybe I need to not use mommyhood as an excuse to dress sloppy and I should actually put on something nice once in a while. Maybe she'd let me borrow one of her accessories. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Motherhood is Messy

Motherhood is messy. To say the least, right? I had this lovely, neat, dreamy little image of what being a stay at home mom would look like. I'd cruise around town in my mini van, sporting a cute I-just-left-Pilates-class outfit while my child, neatly dressed in a monogrammed dress chatters sweetly from the back seat as I take a deep breath, sip my coffee and soak it all in. Even majoring in Home Ec and working in a classroom of preschoolers didn't  scratch the surface on preparing me for the reality of the messiness of motherhood. 

First family portraits...
...Caroline cried almost the entire time. The daily messiness of motherhood doesn't have exceptions for special occasions.

     Reality check. My mom-mobile is covered in crushed Cheerios and a questionable food item underneath the third row seats that has been rotting since last week. My yoga pants and t-shirt are covered in sweet potato and yogurt my toddler artistically smeared on me. My child is dressed in whatever was the last clean thing left in hanging in her closet, a testament to how behind I am on laundry. The sweet chatter coming from the back seat has now evolved into all out screaming. My coffee is cold, and in fact I've gotten so used to drinking my coffee cold that warm coffee is beginning to taste weird to me.

     It's easy to focus on the messiness of motherhood or spend all our energy trying to climb out of the mess of everday. Motherhood is the most messy and humbling experience I've known to date. We're cleaning up someone else's poop everyday...and sometimes cleaning it off ourselves, the floor, and the walls.  Motherhood is an unforgiving job. You don't get a "thank you" for every diaper changed, mouth wiped, and crayon masterpiece scrubbed off the wall. But this is exactly the kind of service Christ called us to when he beckoned us to follow him. By loving and caring for our little ones every day (and too often nights) we're washing feet for the sake of the gospel just as Jesus did. 

     I like to think of making a difference in the world and influencing people to be a glamorous ambition. But as a mama I've come to learn the biggest opportunity for influence I have is the toddler dumping all the Cheerios on the floor as I write this. Think about this: the biggest impact you have for the gospel may not be something you do, but someone you raise.  Let's rise to the occasion of the impact we've been given. Over look the messiness of motherhood and focus on the opportunity at hand- messy minivan, yogurt smeared shirt and all. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Favorite Night-Night Books

There are so many wonderful children's books out there. And over the last year I've enjoyed discovering them with Caroline. Here are her current favorites when it comes to "night-night" books:

1) The Going to Bed Book

2) It's Time to Sleep, My Love 

3) Time for Bed

4) Goodnight Moon

What are your favorite sleep themed children's books to read to your little one before naps and bed?