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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bald Head Island 2014

For the last five summers we've spent a week at Bald Head Island thanks to the generous hospitality of a colleague of the hubby's who owns a house there. There is just something about Bald Head Island that sets it apart. It's so quiet, so secluded. You feel like you are truly getting away and relaxing. And after just a week you never want to leave.

Though our vacations have dramatically changed from those first few years before we had a little one in tow. This year Mike made a big effort to make sure I got some quiet time on the beach each day to read and relax (complete with my 50 SPF, cover-up and beach umbrella...I'm a sun exposure freak, ya'll!). He'd take Caroline on a beach run in the jogging stroller or they'd venture out in the golf cart to go look for alligators and turtles at the reserve. Caroline's moments on the beach were limited. She didn't like the sand or waves (not surprised because she doesn't like the swimming pool either). But we managed to capture a few family beach moments...

And I've just got to find this video we took- I think it's on Mike's phone- of Caroline at the alligator reserve. Everyone is standing quietly leaning over the railing watching the 10 footer just float there. No one making a noise because it'll startle him away. And Caroline goes running down the ramp waving hysterically calling out "Hiiii alligator! Hi alligator! Hiiiii! Hi turtles!!!" and runs right up to the fence with the other bystanders to greet the giant beast and introduce herself to the other little ones in the crowd. And um...scare him  away. At least the other bystanders thought it was funny because she's so darn cute. That's our spunky girl to a T. So brave and outgoing. 

See the rainbow? It's kind of faint, but it's there!

We rarely go out to eat with Caroline except for occasionally going out for pizza slices at Whole Foods on our way home from church on Sundays. Eating out usually means one of us has to spend the entire time following Caroline around a restaurant and keeping her from sampling off other patrons' plates. But we did go out one night during our beach week. We splurged on the Nova Scotia caught wild salmon over black rice and oh my word I've never had a meal this delicious. I normally don't like fish and I'm normally a cheap date- get me a $3 slice of pizza and I'm good.

 But when the waiter tells you that tonight's special is Novia Scotia caught wild salmon and that he's never seen such a pink salmon in his decade of working in restaurants up and down the east coast you listen to him. And try to ignore the fact that you just spent over $30 on a single entree. Yes, try to ignore that one because it'll be a long time before you do that again.

Keeping Caroline entertained while we waited on dinner...good thing we could watch boats coming in and out of the harbor. 

Caroline's favorite part of the island was all the wildlife. Deers, alligators, turtles, and her favorite "froggies". There were tiny frogs living in the golf cart shed and every morning without fail Caroline's first request was to go outside and see the froggies. She even tried faithfully sharing her milk and snacks with them. I'm not sure they appreciated her dribbling milk from her sippy cup on them. 

Grateful for another summer vacation spent at Bald Head Island. We wouldn't be visiting Bald Head if it weren't for the generosity of the sweet family that has let us use their beach home the last several summers. And we are so grateful for all the memories we've made.

And now we're officially spoiled for any other beach because Bald Head is just like none other, ha! 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bathing Beauty

As summer approached I was excited for Caroline to wear her little swimsuit. I had bought it the previous fall (on clearance in October for $3 I think it was $25 originally? I love a good sale). Little girls and ruffles. Oh be still my beating heart. Put a bow into the mix and I'm a pile of mush. Of course the irony of the whole matter was she wore it maybe maybe 5 times the entire summer. Tiny girlfriend does not like swimming so we ended up canceling our pool membership. But I'm not complaining because chasing a toddler down to coat them in sunscreen is not exactly my idea of fun either so I think all around we weren't too sad to miss out on pool time. But I did manage to take a few simple photos of her the first time I put it on her. 

And now I'm really glad I spent $3 on her swimsuit and not $25 seeing she wore it for maybe 6 hours total this summer. But isn't she a cutie in it? Good thing I took the photos before I chased her down with a bottle of sunscreen. Those would not have been happy photos. And my camera might not have lived to see another day. 

FYI I post these adorable pictures of my little girl full well knowing that it's only good and right and honest for me to disclose she looks like this about 10% of the time. She's usually running around the house in a diaper, her chest and arms covered in stickers she artistically placed (and I might add probably trying to get out of her diaper because everyone knows toddlers are the original streakers). And I'm in workout wear (thoughI haven't been to the gym and won't go before the day is done), no make-up and compression leg sleeves because I'm super preggo. Attractive. I know. But I just want to keep it real.