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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

No More Paci

It's official...we are no more paci around this house! I seriously thought she'd still be sucking on that darn piece of plastic rubber baby crack till she went to middle school. You see, I have a total love/hate relationship with the paci. It made bedtimes and naptimes easy peasy. But as the months of paci addiction continued I began to break into a cold sweat at any mama's mention of knocking the paci to the curbside. 

I was downright terrified of how in the world we'd get her to go to sleep. 

Oh and this...this is her no more paci reward, a pink cozy coupe. 

As you can tell she absolutely loves it. And I'm also beginning to feel like our townhome is drowning in toys. If I go missing you'll know where to find me...underneath the piles of duplos in the living room. 

Back to the paci. Our method of removing the paci from daily (and nightly) habit came to me by way of an experienced mom of 4  (thank you, Rebecca!). She recommended I snip a tiny hole in the end of the paci to lessen the suction and go from there. Now since I was more than a little fearful about how the whole paci weaning would go I began my very small snip with a needle poke...because yeah, I was that freaked out about how it'd go. We gradually made the whole bigger and by a few nights in she was not liking her paci as much. After that we just removed it from her crib entirely. We'd get her to sleep after much coaxing and back rubbing. And now we're on to just popping her in her crib with books and stuffed animals and she talks/plays/sings herself to sleep.

This is a miracle. I believed this day would never come. Absolutely convinced she'd never sleep without the paci. 

I'm just here to say it's actually possible. There is life beyond the P-A-C-I. 


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