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Friday, January 9, 2015

Caroline Lately

Caroline, what vibrance you add to my life. You keep me on my toes and delight me with your imagination and sweet spirit all at the same time. Our days are so busy. With a toddler and a baby I can not leave the house all day and still feel overwhelmed by the busyness of the day before me. But in the midst of this busy season I don't want to forget the little wonderful things about you and your sister at the exact ages and stages you two are at. So here's a post just for you.

You are such a talker. One of my favorite things is to hear you talk to your stuffed animals or baby doll saying things I say to you. You like to hop into your little pink cozy coupe and "drive" to Coscto (aka the kitchen) for samples. You wave to me and say "I'm going to Coscto, Mommy. Be right back."

You like to put your socks on your hands and pretend their puppets while singing the "lalala" song from Music Makers. You are convinced that the only acceptable Christmas music is either Jingle Bells or Away in a Manger. 

You're starting to get better about cleaning up some. You especially enjoying pulling the books out of the book basket and stacking them up. Not exactly cleaning up- but at least it's very organized of you! 

You enjoy watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and it's such a life saver when I need to nurse your baby sister and you're not in the mood to play on your own. You sing along to the songs sometimes. 

Your favorite foods are mac & cheese, crackers, and juice. 

Caroline, I love you. 


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