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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Summer '14 at Whole Foods Market Durham with my sweet spunky girl. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Emily Kate at 3 Months

Emily Kate, you are a joy to my soul...

You have a smile that just lights up heart and soul. Perhaps we should have named you "Joy" because you are just brimming with joyful smiles. I hope that is a disposition you never ever lose. 

You are not a great sleeper. Okay, to be honest sleep has been a struggle. But I know these baby days are fleeting and I won't be tired for ever. You're worth it. More than worth it. And it's hard to be grumpy about not sleeping much when you light up with joyful smiles at the sight of mommy, daddy, or big sissy. 

I pray that you love Jesus and become good lifelong friends with your sweet big sister. She does her best to be kind towards you and take care of you. Telling me you need mommy milk when you cry or running to fetch you a toy or blanket. She doesn't like to see you sad. And she often checks with me when we're out and about, "Mommy, Emily Kate?" She wants to make sure I haven't forgotten you and left you behind. 

And you're also well over 3 months old now. But better late than never finally getting around to posting these photos, right?