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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Family Portraits From Spring

I've finally been catching up just a bit on blogging. Here are some highlights of our family portraits we had taken by Rosa Ashdown last April at Bennett Place. Halfway through our Sunday morning photo session a Confederate General and a Union General each on horseback meandered by, tipping the hats to us and wishing us a good morning and urging us to join them at the church service they were on their way to. Just another day below the Mason Dixie Line. 

And yes, I'm fully aware Caroline is missing in a lot of these. She would absolutely not cooperate no matter we tried bribing her. Par for the course with toddlers, right? Rosa was so gracious and sweet regardless of Caroline's bad mood.  And still managed to capture so many beautiful images. Thanks, Rosa!

Oh and full disclosure here. I grew up going to the surrendering re-enactments and charge re-enactments at Bennett Place. And even fuller disclosure I dressed appropriately in, ahem, Civil War era garb. Because when you live in the South it's just a normal weekend activity.


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