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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Emily Kate's First Year

Happy first birthday, Emily Kate. We love every little bit of you from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. You're a handful. You're a complete joy. You're the perfect little Emmy and add just the right sugar and spice to our family.

You're in to everything. You climb everything. And that giggle and grin that takes over your little face the moment you realize I've spotted your mischief makes me smile every time no matter the mischief. 

You possess one of those rare smiles that exudes true, pure, absolute joy every single time. Your smiles are the richest treasures I could spend a lifetime gathering.

You rarely sleep and hate naps. You've taught me that I could withstand more than I imagine. And you maybe taught me to become a tad bit dependent on dark chocolate to make it through my days.

You are an unexpected combination of can't sit still long enough to read a book, yet can't get enough of mommy snuggles and kisses. Oh and your cuddles and kisses are the sweetest gifts. Slobbery baby kisses and scrumptious cooing cuddles. I love every single one of them because I love every bit of you. 

You are such a mama's girl and always have been. You are ever crawling after me saying "mamamamamamamama" until I pick you up and tote you around the house with me. Your requests for a nurse are so sweet, a whiny "mamama nununu" followed by a little giggle. 

You love food. You can eat. It's so much fun to watch you munching your food and saying "mmmmmm" almost the entire time you're chewing. And you've been out eating your sister almost since the day you started solids. 

You are a wonder through and through. And I wouldn't change a single thing about you.

All my love,

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Caroline the Videographer

In case you wanted the transcript- because it's funnier when you understand what she's saying:

"Dad there ya are, right there.
Sissy, sissy, sissy, sissy.
There she is, Emily, I see you. She's crawling thare. Your little tiny eyes are in the picture. You see that? 
No, Emily!
You see it, you see her? You see? That's your face! It's your face all messy. 
Allllll riiiiight. Say cheeeeese.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Almost there, baby

Eleven months. We're almost there, baby. With you being my second somehow I really did believe this go around that we'd never reach this moment in time. That you'd never turn one. Instead, you'd always be my baby. Squirmy, cuddly, mama obsessed baby Emily Kate. But now, somehow, you're supposed to move from baby Emily Kate to toddler Emily Kate. Okay, who am I kidding. You're already toddling. But I refuse to admit it till October 15th. 

All the signs are there. You're big enough to give my feet an ache when I wear you on my back. And at 23 pounds and the 90th percentile for height you can almost wear your big sister's 3 year old wardrobe. You have your first pair of shoes and you sit on the step while I place them on your feet before leaving the house. You walk down the street holding on with just one hand for steadiness. You're less and less a baby. But somehow, you don't feel any less a baby to me than the day you were born. 

The way you look when you fall asleep in my arms. The sweet scent of your head. The happy humming you do when you eat. Your fascination with your big sissy. How life stands still when I let you fall asleep next to me and I watch you sleep. Everything about your babyhood will always feel like only yesterday. It's been bliss. A very, very, very tired bliss as you're not particularly found of sleeping. But a sweet and precious bliss nonetheless. 

You'll always be my baby. Always.