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Sunday, February 21, 2016

We Are a House of Tutus

I love looking back on blogs from when Caroline was a baby and remembering all those little sweet moments that as she's grown I've forgotten. I've neglected writing memories on here for several reasons these past couple years. One, I'm a much more private person than I used to be. I like to keep many things just to myself. But then a friend or relative mentions how much they enjoy this little blog and I feel I ought to share these moments with them more often. The second, life just seems to get busier and busier. We're running on this crazy race- my husband's job in a very demanding and intensive stage and me trying to keep Caroline from an emotional break down (can anyone say THREENAGER?!) and Emily Kate from scaling every piece of furniture we have. I barely have time to get out of my jammies (which I'm currently still in as I write this) let alone maintain a decent journal of memories. 

Nevertheless I'll do what I can to jot a few more memories down here. And post a few more pictures. And in the spirit of journaling our memories I thought I'd write, for memories sake, what our home is like these days...

We are a house of tutus. 
We are a house of ballet slippers, trying on shoes all day, and blasting The Nutcracker ballet over the sound system. 
We are a house of one who can't stand getting messy and even once complained to me about how she didn't like being wet - in the tub! And the other who seems to make messes out of thin air. How could a granola bar possibly cause such damage? 
We are a house of tight budgets but rich love.
We are a house of tiny pink and purple sippy cups filled with green juice their current drink of choice. But don't give the wrong girl the pink cup because then a meltdown will follow. One is always the pink and one is always the purple. 
We are a house of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood when mommy is on the verge of a meltdown herself and just needs five minutes of peace.
We are a house of reading Bible stories every night from our Jesus Storybook Bible and big theological statements such as "Jesus doesn't want us to get a bath because that's God's truth." (she really did say that)
We are a house of playing doctor, toting baby dolls, and accessorizing with anything and everything. 
We are a house of a threenager who knows her mind and a toddler who has just learned the absolute pleasure of the word "no".
We are a house of Little House on the Prairie books read over and over and over. 
We are a house of little people and big hearts. 
This is such an exhausting, busy time in our house. But I wouldn't trade these days for anything. 
This is our house, the house of tutus. 


Unknown said...

Thank you from those of us who absolutely LOVE every word you write on this blog, and every single photo you post.....for taking time out of your terribly busy tutu household (LOVE THAT) let the rest of us get a glimpse of your lovely life! God has blessed you so much!!! (and them, to have you for wife and mommy!!)
Thank you for letting us in on that...the three hours I got to spend with y'all the other day was priceless!!

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