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Sunday, April 17, 2016

A Garden Fairy

"How dreary the world would be if there were no fairies."
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It's not typically the perfect photos I end up loving. It's often the unexpected candid takes that somehow capture an essence, a feeling, a moment, a quirk that I never want to forget about them. They're constantly changing but it's the little things that stand out as the sweetest moments. Like the way the wind catches her wild and ever untamed hair and does a dance of its own. It's like a little fairy just flitted by and if I don't stand still with my ever long list of grown-up to-dos I may miss her sweet presence. 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Daddy Daughter Dance Date

Princess Caroline (or as she'd prefer to be called Fairy Princess Ballerina Caroline) now travels about the garden with a security detail...

Okay. In all seriousness this is actually a pre-Daddy Daughter Dance Date photo. Our church hosted a special dads and daughters only night and it was a huge hit. Caroline's only experience with dances so far in her wise three years is ballets, specifically The Nutcracker. (which she still religiously watches/listens to/acts out) For days before the dance she'd ask me questions like "will there be snow falling at the dance?" "will Daddy wear a costume too?" "Emmy Kate is not allowed to come up on the stage, right?". All week she was imagining a Nutcracker ballet like evening. I was a little worried she might be disappointed. But between wearing her favorite ballet costume (including magic wand), dancing her heart away in a room full of equally enthusiastic and outfitted little girls, munching pink cupcakes, and getting Daddy all to herself she was on cloud nine. And yes, there was a stage and she got to dance on it. A very small stage. But a stage nonetheless and she didn't mind one bit. 

And Daddy wore a "Daddy costume" otherwise known as a suit.