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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Daddy Daughter Dance Date

Princess Caroline (or as she'd prefer to be called Fairy Princess Ballerina Caroline) now travels about the garden with a security detail...

Okay. In all seriousness this is actually a pre-Daddy Daughter Dance Date photo. Our church hosted a special dads and daughters only night and it was a huge hit. Caroline's only experience with dances so far in her wise three years is ballets, specifically The Nutcracker. (which she still religiously watches/listens to/acts out) For days before the dance she'd ask me questions like "will there be snow falling at the dance?" "will Daddy wear a costume too?" "Emmy Kate is not allowed to come up on the stage, right?". All week she was imagining a Nutcracker ballet like evening. I was a little worried she might be disappointed. But between wearing her favorite ballet costume (including magic wand), dancing her heart away in a room full of equally enthusiastic and outfitted little girls, munching pink cupcakes, and getting Daddy all to herself she was on cloud nine. And yes, there was a stage and she got to dance on it. A very small stage. But a stage nonetheless and she didn't mind one bit. 

And Daddy wore a "Daddy costume" otherwise known as a suit. 


Unknown said...

Your daughter is adorable! I was actually looking up information on what type of dances would be best for a date that I was asked on. I love that you took the time to make your daughter feel special and take her to that dance by your church. My father danced with me at prom, but I know he used to take my mom dancing western swing all the time. Maybe I could surprise them by setting them up for a dance date!

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