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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Homeschool Preschool Unit: Maps, Geography, and Germany

Our most recent unit study in our homeschool preschool was a study of maps, geography, and Germany. It was so simple and lots of fun. Thought I'd share our unit study here so other homeschool mamas might find it helpful.

Books We Read on Geography & The World

We got all these from our local library so zero spent on books for this unit study. We read these books several times over and over during our unit study.

We also began to learn the countries of the world song, at least the Europe part which she really enjoyed. 

We also did this printable to color the flag of Germany. Crayola has so many wonderful free printables on their website and they have this printable for many different countries' flags all totally free. Found here. 

We also discovered many wonderful German videos for preschoolers on YouTube. Again totally free. Little Pim is a great resource for learning preschool language learning. They have lots of free YouTube videos for a variety of languages. Find Little Pim's free YouTube language learning videos here. But the girl's favorite was from Kinderlieder zum Mitsingen und Bewegen. They enjoyed them because it was real German boys and girls singing and dancing in their preschool. These are still a hit and we watch these (And a couple Little Pim videos) almost everyday even though our unit study is over.
 Here's a sample:

That's pretty much it. Super easy. Totally free. And both my girls loved it and learned from it. Even I learned from it. Learning together and enjoying it? Homeschool win! 

Would love to hear from other homeschool preschool mamas...what unit studies are you doing? 


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