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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Princess Party

I'm not going to try to pretend I'm the party planner type. I'm definitely not. I like to keep parties super simple and low stress and to be honest for this stage of life we're in- low budget too. But I still wanted to share a couple ideas from the girls' princess party...

For our craft we made magic wands. I took the easy route and bought magic wand kits from Target. Literally opened the box, and away we went. I did get a little crafty painting glue on a black chalkboard sign leftover from Halloween and sprinkling it with glitter for our "Make a wand..." sign. I also picked up viles of glitter for fairy dust.

Few things drive me as crazy as shoes in my house. Anytime someone comes and walks around in shoes I'm honestly cringing the whole time. I'm not a clean freak but shoes that have been all over everywhere inside the same floor my 2 year old eats off (because that's what 2 years old do) gross. So I made this chalkboard sign to go by the door. I thought it was a very gentle way of saying TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES!! I've actually kept this sign up after the party. It seems to work well as a polite way to invite guests to leave their shoes at the door. 

Of course I did do a little mini shoot of the girls in their princess costumes before the birthday craziness hit. And I'm so glad I did because you know what- they didn't want to wear their princess dresses for the party. EK kept asking for her supergirl costume and saying "Super Girl to da rescue" so I obliged. Some has got to keep the princesses safe I suppose.


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