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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Valentine's Day Ideas for Kids

Catching up on blogging. I've been mostly silent on here for some time. But after taking some time off and some encouragement from a friend to pick this back up I'm back at it. I so enjoy reading other mama's blog posts full of ideas and pictures so thought I should get back to doing some of that myself. 

Here's a few ideas for what I did for the girls for Valentine's day this year.

First, they woke up to a decorated door. I wrote different love notes and Daddy came home from his business trip that evening literally as I was just halfway through this project so he jumped in to write some love notes as well...

They had goodie bags waiting at the table at breakfast. Mostly items they needed like some new mittens and long sleeve tops. Mostly all picked up from the clearance rack but they loved it! 

After leaving my Valentine's hearts on their door I found this Valentine on my door later in the morning...

And I took the girls out to a special lunch. We so rarely eat out at all but it was fun to treat them for Valentine's Day. Valentine's is one of those holidays I've always looked forward to celebrating with my kids even before I became a mom! Making them feel loved and special brings so much joy to my mama heart!! 


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